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Ceiling Fan Acting Up? Ceiling Fan Repair Could Resolve the Problem
More often than not, when a ceiling fan is acting up, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Typically, the problem involves an improper installation. If it is wobbling, making odd sounds, or simply won’t operate, ceiling fan repair can usually resolve the problem. It is worth a call to an electrician before you head off to buy a new one.

A fan has quite a bit of movement in its operation, and that can result in the need for ceiling fan repair. A wire could have vibrated loose, and now your fan won’t turn on. Additionally, some fans have controls that operate using a battery, which needs to be replaced from time to time. Another issue could be an electrical wiring situation that has nothing directly to do with the fan itself.

If your fan is very noisy and always has been, it could be that you have a bargain-priced fan. These fans have noisier motors, and ceiling fan repair won’t change that. However, if it was quieter before, it may just have something loose in the motor or elsewhere in the fan, and ceiling fan repair can correct that.

A wobbly fan is caused by a problem with the fan blades. In some cases, the blade causing the imbalance can be gently straightened, or it may be able to be replaced. A balancing kit can also be used to get the fan back in balance.

Many of today’s fans are quite an investment and thus worthy of spending the money on ceiling fan repair rather than replacing them. If you have a budget-priced fan, it is usually more cost-effective to replace it, particularly if you go with a better one that will provide you with a better experience overall. An Energy Star fan is 60 percent more efficient, so your energy savings could pay for the fan before you know it.

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