ElectricianTechnology is rapidly increasing the rate of “smart home” installations. Carefully manipulating electricity allows a lot of things to be easily automated. Below are some of the most popular home automations you’ll want your electrician to install.

  • Blinds and/or other window treatments can be automated to open and close at certain times of day.
  • Automatic cleaners can be installed to clean parts of your home. Or laundry and dishwashers can be programmed to run at certain times.
  • Thermostats with smart technology can be very carefully programmed to create maximum efficiency. You can make specific schedules that keep your home using the least amount of energy when you’re away or sleeping. You can also automate the temperature changes in your home based on different seasons.
  • Automatic lighting can be based on motion sensors, so you are only using lights in areas of your home where you are actually working.
  • Security systems can be programmed to sound an alarm and/or alert police based on certain criteria. They can also be set up so you can use a code to get in and out of your house and to lock all the doors in your home at once.

After reading this list, you will definitely want to contact us at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. to have one of our electricians install some of these amazing conveniences into your home. Having automation in your home is such a low-cost and high impact way to improve your property value. This investment will also make your everyday living so much more enjoyable if you find some ways to make your house work for you. Meet with an electrician from our team today to discuss the options that are most appealing to you. You may find that many or most of these options would dramatically improve your daily living and would be well worth the cost.