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GeneratorsYou’ve likely had your power go out in the past, and you will likely experience it multiple times in the future. It is in those dark moments, literally and figuratively, that you wish desperately that you had been better prepared. Electricity is such a key part of your home life that it can be extremely debilitating to try to survive without it. Thankfully, a simple solution to this problem does exist: generators.

Here are 10 things you’ll be grateful you can do because you own generators:

  1. Charge your phone.
  2. Take a shower with a light.
  3. Go to the bathroom with a light.
  4. Keep the food in your fridge and freezer without it going bad.
  5. Follow your natural routines without having to do everything in the dark.
  6. Watch TV.
  7. Use the internet.
  8. Use your computer.
  9. Cook using your stove, oven, or microwave.
  10. Do laundry.

This is just a small example of ways that you regularly use electricity. It is shocking how much you use electricity, and you really only realize it when you are not able to just flip a switch. Generators are a great way to be prepared for any type of emergency and are an incredible investment. It is not something that you’ll regret buying, but it is something you’ll regret not buying. With that mentality, it is certainly something to consider working into your budget as soon as possible.