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LightingNot only does appropriate lighting affect the functionality of your home, but it is also an incredibly important aspect of creating the right feel in your home.

You can beautify your home with these suggested lighting techniques:

  • Use a variety of different sources of light, such as recessed lighting, task lighting, lamps, sconces, and chandeliers, to create the ambiance you want in each room.
  • Identify the tasks that need to be performed in each area and light that space accordingly. You may find task lighting to be particularly beneficial when placed under cabinetry in the kitchen. Or you may discover that sconces provide the best light for a small bathroom.
  • Choose a unique type of lighting for your bathrooms and focus lighting on the mirror.
  • Use recessed lighting for tall ceilings, so your light isn’t swallowed up in too much space.
  • Install a stunning chandelier to any room where you want the center of the room to be the focus, like a dining room or a bedroom.
  • Have dimmers for your lights, so you can tone down the brightness when you want it to be calmer and amp up the light when you want to liven up your space.

Each room should be lighted differently, and you want to make sure your lighting is emphasizing the parts of the room that will look best. You will be happier in your space when it is well-lit. These ideas will help you create a beautiful home that you are proud to showcase.