Electrical RepairsIt’s easy to take electricity for granted until something goes wrong or you feel like you’re part of a haunted house scene. But how do you determine whether it’s time for electrical repairs, or if there is an external source causing temporary problems? At Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc., we handle lots of different calls from home and business owners in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who are concerned about their electrical system. Here are four common signs that suggest you should call our professionals in for electrical repairs:

  1. Breakers – We all know the familiar sound of our breakers flipping when a storm outside affects the electrical poles that feed electricity to our home or business. But what if the weather is fine, yet your breakers are still popping to an “off” position? Your electrical breakers inside your electrical panel are designed to flip to protect you from a potential threat. Heed their warning if they don’t seem to want to stay on.
  2. Sparks – Do your outlets pop and spark every time you plug in an appliance? While once in a while might be a fluke, if it’s happening every time, you may have faulty wiring. This poses a serious threat because it could cause a fire or electrocute you during something that should be a routine activity. Don’t ignore this sign.
  3. Outlets and Switches – In older homes, it is common to find that one outlet might be tied to a light switch, so if a lamp was plugged in, a homeowner could simply flip the switch for lamp-light. In today’s homes, if you find that your outlets and light switches aren’t working (and you didn’t request the old outlet-light switch option) it could be a sign that there is something going wrong with your electrical wiring. While the good news is that you have a clear sign something has gone wrong, the important thing to do is call in professional help.
  4. Lights – Do your overhead lights flicker, and sometimes they don’t turn on at all? Having proper overhead lighting is something that makes your house feel like a home and gives you the ability to see when you need it most. If your lights aren’t working their best, call us to get to the root of the problem.