Is Whole-House Surge Protection Really Worth it?

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Is Whole-House Surge Protection Really Worth it? Many homeowners understand the need to plug their computers in to surge protection strips. But is that really enough? The answer is no. If lighting should strike or power to go out, your entire home is at serious risk. Other electronics, like your fridge, ovens, and every outlet in your home can get “fried”. The best way to protect your home from electrical surges is to install whole-house surge protection. Below are some of our top reasons we recommend having whole-house surge protection.

  • Saves you money – A whole-house surge protection system will be less expensive that the costly repairs to your entire home if a large power surge should occur.
  • Ratings – Your whole-house surge protector should be at a rating between 20,000 and 40,000 amps. It should also have failure indicator lights and internal fuses.
  • Installation – Having an experienced company install your whole-house surge protection system will save you time and stress. You will be able to live without concern because you will know that professionals properly installed your system.
  • Two types – Your home will be protected with two types of surge protectors. The first is a whole house suppressor to protect against the large power spikes and plugin individual surge suppressors for individual appliances and electronics.

Whole-house surge protection is one of those things that if you wait until you need it to have it installed you will already be too late. If you want to protect your entire home from costly and dangerous power surges, then we recommend having a whole-house surge protector professionally installed by a knowledgeable and experienced company.