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Ceiling Fans

Installing ceiling fans in your home can be a great way to keep your home cool.  Ceiling fans are beautiful and functional, and they will add charm and character to any home. Having ceiling fans in your home also comes with a number of benefits that most people do not know about.

Using ceiling fans in your home will actually lower your energy costs. This may not seem like it is possible, but it is!  While running a fan does not actually make the room cooler, the breeze created by the ceiling fan will make the room feel cooler. This will make it so you can turn the temperature up a few degrees and still feel cool and comfortable.  Having your thermostat higher in the warmer months can save you between 30 to 40 percent on your energy bill.

Ceiling fans can also go in any room. You can install fans in your kitchen, living areas, dining areas, and bedrooms. You can even install ceiling fans outside if you have a covered or screened-in porch. Ceiling fans are very versatile and can be enjoyed in any area of your home.

Additionally, you can increase the amount of light in the room by installing a fan with lights. Ceiling fans are a great way to layer lighting in any room.  If you feel like a room in your home is dim, you can have a fan with lights put in and it will brighten up the room considerably.

It is recommended that ceiling fans be installed by a licensed electrician. If you want to have ceiling fans installed, call us today at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. Our licensed electricians can have your fans installed in no time, so you can start enjoying all the benefits ceiling fans provide.