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Here at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc, we get a few calls each year from homeowners who have a fuse box electrical system and want to know if we’ll perform fuse box repair or fuse box installation for them. While we are experienced with fuse box systems and can perform repairs, we highly recommend upgrading to a breaker system instead. An electrical panel is better for a vast number of reasons.

Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Fuse Box to an Electrical Panel [infographic]

  • Comply with Building Code- When electrical panels were first put into practice, building codes were adjusted accordingly. To comply with these codes, you should upgrade your fuse box system to an electrical panel.
  • Insurance Company Request- Insurance companies are interested in insuring only those homes that are the least likely to suffer a loss. That means they will often dictate improvements, such as a replacement roof or upgrading the plumbing or electrical system. Failure to heed their request will result in either a premium increase or cancellation, depending on the insurance company’s policies.
  • Increased Safety- One reason that electrical panels were developed in the first place is because fuse box systems are not as safe as most people would like them to be. They are not as sensitive to surges, and that means they might not trip, leaving your home at risk for an electrical fire.
  • Locating Replacement Fuses- When a breaker trips in an electrical panel, it need only be reset to return to operating status again. With a fuse system, the fuse blows and needs to be replaced. As the majority of homes switch over, finding fuses becomes more challenging. It is also a needless expense and not a fun thing to do to switch them out.
  • Technological Advances- Today’s electronics and appliances are more sensitive to power surges because of circuit boards and other components. To protect your devices, it is wise to upgrade your fuse box system to an electrical panel.
  • Increase Home Value- It can be challenging to sell a home that has a fuse box system because most buyers do not want to bother with one or deal with finding an insurance company that will write a policy for a home with a fuse box.