Lighting Installation

Lighting is an incredibly important part of your home. Every room needs lights and based on the function of each space, you need different types of lighting. Although you’ll make all the choices about the type of lighting you want in your home, you’ll need to hire a professional for the lighting installation.

We’ve listed some of the types of lighting that you may be considering for your home. We also detailed where you might want each type and why. Check out our pro tips for lighting installation to make the most educated decisions for your home:

  • Task lighting — This is a great choice for under-counter lighting in the kitchen and it could also be useful in an office or area where you would read a lot to provide lighting a little closer to the source of work.
  • Recessed lighting – This lighting is particularly common for kitchens and family rooms because it provides a lot of light in these heavily used rooms.
  • Pendant light fixtures – These can be used in a front entry and over an island. They add a lot of aesthetic appeal and layered lighting to rooms.
  • Ceiling fans – These are ideal for spaces that will used for entertaining and relaxing, family rooms and bedrooms. A fan that creates a subtle and comfortable breeze is a perfect choice.
  • Chandeliers—These are usually reserved for fancier spaces, such as a formal dining room or a front entry. However, now they’re becoming common to use in master suites as well.
  • Vanity lighting—This type of lighting is installed in bathrooms above the vanity to offer bright lighting.
  • Outdoor lighting and landscape lighting — Lighting throughout your landscape is a beautiful way to highlight your home even at night, and outdoor lighting in general is a safety precaution and important to have if you’ll be hosting guests after dark.

We hope these lighting installation tips will help you make good decisions for your home and that you’ll love the results.