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Surge Protection

You may be wondering what exactly surge protection is and why it is something you should consider for your home. You likely understand the basics and know that surge protectors limit the flow of electricity, but have other questions about how these devices work. We’re here to give you the inside scoop on surge protection and how it can protect your home, your family, and your appliances.

Professional quality surge protection is highly recommended. Cheap options may still stop a surge from leading to a dangerous situation but would not be as capable at protecting your appliances. Surge protection works by diverting high electrical currents from flowing through a device. The quicker it accomplishes that task, the less damage is caused. Low quality surge protection may prevent fires and even the risk of someone getting shocked, but these systems take a while to adequately remove the high voltage. Even minimal exposure to your appliances can be destructive and could eventually cause enough damage to require you to replace them. The issue with replacing the appliances, as opposed to dealing with the surge protection, is that you’ll likely be replacing the expensive appliances again sooner than later.

As electricians, we can evaluate your home and help you determine the level of surge protection that you need. We will measure the electrical currents that are running throughout your home and help you decide where to install surge protection. We will also provide high quality products that will be the most effective and the safest choice for your home.