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Why Whole House Surge Protection is More Important Than Ever
In some ways, having a quick power outage isn’t as much of a problem as it was in the past. Today’s electronics, for example, can reset the time and thus keep you from having to go around the house resetting all the clocks. However, that is about where the advantages of living in today’s world end. Those intermittent power flickers are more than just a minor inconvenience because what they really can be is a surge of power that can do more harm than you might realize. Today’s homes need whole house surge protection more than ever before.

One of the main reasons involves how appliances and electronics are made today. They are far more complex, with advanced circuitry and computer chips. These systems are far more susceptible to power surges, so you can find yourself replacing things more often as the surges adversely affect them. When you consider the higher price tags on today’s appliances it makes sense to use whole house surge protection to preserve their lifespans and reduce repair costs.

Another thing to consider is that power surges are more common today than in the past. The power demands are much higher due to more dependency on electricity, as well as a growing population. These leads to problems at the utility company, which can result in the power fluctuations you experience.

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