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Why Homes Today Need Generators More Than in the Past
It used to be that very few homeowners felt the need to purchase generators. It was rare to lose power, and when it did happen, it wasn’t for long. Things have changed, and if you haven’t started shopping for generators, here are a few thoughts about why you should.

  • More Dependence on Electricity – You depend on electricity far more now than families did years ago. Doing without air conditioning is not just thought to be inconvenient anymore, whereas many homes back 50 years ago didn’t have it at all. Being able to stay in contact is different now also. Landlines, which didn’t require power to work, are mostly a thing of the past. With cell phones, you could be shut off from knowing what is going on as soon as that battery runs down.
  • More Power Outages – Power companies are dealing with huge demands these days, which often leads to power outages. Excessive heat waves and brutal winters result in increased power demands over large areas. For example, PG&E reported in June 2017 that they expected to break the record for the highest power demand in history in California. If this trend continues, generators could be the only way to keep the power running consistently.

Here at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc., we offer expert advice about generators, including choosing the right one for your household power demand needs and expertly installing it so it operates safely for your family and utility company linemen. Whole-house generators can be operated manually or be set to come on automatically if the power goes off. We also offer various fuel types, so you can be ready for short and prolonged power outages. Call on us today so you won’t be left in the dark – both figuratively and literally. We also perform repairs on generators.