Wiring Services, Mooresville, NC

If you need any of these wiring services for your Mooresville home or commercial space, don’t hesitate to call us.

Wiring Services, Mooresville, NCThere are many things that you may want installed in or around your home or commercial building, but you may feel intimidated if they require re-wiring or electrical knowledge. That is a good thing. Everything dealing with electrical changes should be left to professionals. While there are many updates you can do on your own, electrical work is something that you need to have appropriate training to do. The consequences of making a novice mistake are too risky.

At Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc., we provide a wide range of wiring services for both residential and commercial properties, including:

  • Electrical work for home additions
  • Security lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Lighting and sound for outdoor projects
  • Boat dock lighting
  • Machine installations
  • Automation
  • Energy saving installations
  • Remodeling
  • Safety inspections

We also offer all necessary services for buildings or homes that are new constructions. If you need any of these wiring services for your Mooresville, North Carolina home or commercial space, don’t hesitate to call us. It is our guarantee that we will arrive on time and perform all the requirements necessary for the job. We are highly trained and have an awesome team of technicians representing our name. We look forward to the opportunity of offering you wiring services and hope that you’ll schedule a meeting with us right away. We also provide regular safety inspections to help you feel confident that everything is up-to-code and functioning correctly. We can help you create the space that you want and make your dreams, renovations, and new builds a reality.

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