Smoke Detectors, Matthews, NC

Our experienced team of electrical professionals is available to handle installation, maintenance, and replacement of smoke detectors in Matthews.

Smoke Detectors in Matthews, North CarolinaIf you’ve ever burned something in the kitchen, you’ve probably set off the smoke detector in your home. While in this case they might seem like a bother, the smoke detectors in your home are actually some of the most important safety devices you have. If you’re asleep or in a different part of your home and a fire breaks out, the sharp and jarring sound of a smoke detector could help to save your life and protect your possessions. So when the battery dies or your smoke detector gives another indication that it’s not working properly, it’s crucial to get it checked out immediately.

In the Matthews, North Carolina area, our experienced team of electrical professionals at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. is available to handle installation, maintenance, and replacement of smoke detectors. We work with a variety of customers, including those building new homes and those who need assistance with getting a new set of smoke detectors. If you’re planning a remodeling project that involves moving the smoke detector, give us a call to help place it in the right location.

Our electrical repair services also extend to smoke detectors. We will test each unit in your home or office to make sure it’s working correctly and can protect you in the event of a fire. In some cases, the wiring may go bad or the smoke detector was never installed properly in the first place. We will make sure your smoke detectors are placed correctly and working to protect your loved ones.


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