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issues with electrical wiring can cause your home to need rewiring

We rely on electricity for all sorts of things. We use it to dry our clothes, watch television and keep our food nice and chilly for those late-night snacks. However, even though we love the convenience our electricity gives us, it can be dangerous and even cause fires when not installed or cared for properly. Certain issues with electrical wiring can cause your home to need rewiring, and our team at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc. has come up with five warning signs for you to watch out for in your home.

1.  Age of property- Standards for electrical wiring are much different than they were decades ago. Many types of wiring installed generations ago can degrade and cause issues like electrical fires. If you have a home that is more than 40 years old, time to get it checked- rewiring might be a safety necessity!

2.  Frequent, small electrical issues- Do you hear pops when you plug in appliances? Are you constantly blowing a fuse or having electrical issues with common appliances? Flickering lights? These things can happen to anyone occasionally, but if they happen to you noticeably often, you need to get it checked.

3.  Two-prong outlets- Specifically, ungrounded two-prong outlets. The ground keeps the electricity from flowing freely and causing problems. If you don’t have the ground in your outlets, you need rewiring.

4.  Recent additions or appliances- Additions or major appliances can cause rewiring issues since your breaker box may no longer be adequate.

5.  Knob & tube or aluminum wiring- Two words: fire hazard!

For more information about rewiring or other red flags, contact us here at Mister Sparky by Wise Electric Control Inc.!